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My name is James Houston, the president of Independent Star Radio, an internet radio station designed specifically for independent artists. Our company promotes independent music of all genres throughout the world through our uniquely styled internet radio station. We are a member of the following internet online entertainment powerhouses: Ariel Publicity, Radio Wave, Airplay Direct, and iTunes Radio. 

Independent artists are heard throughout the globe and have the opportunity continuously submit their material for internet airplay. In addition, artists have the opportunity to market their music and have listeners download their music when the song is broadcasted on the station.  This service is a wonderful marketing tool to assist independent artists in their music careers. If you would like consideration for your music to be added to our broadcast, please contact on the "contact us" form on the left and we'll contact you immediately.  

Furthermore, Independent Star Radio also distributes monthly press releases of new music and new artists.  Our fans and artists follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Soul Commune, and Myspace.  Please look for us on these social networks and stay on touch as we become one of the biggest phenomenons ever.